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NYCP Fin Lit Courses

Week 1: Being Financially Responsible

What are your goals for the future? Learn about setting goals and financial success strategies to help you reach those goals

*Complete 4 Self Paced Modules For Credit

Week 3: Financing Your Future

How does education and training impact how much money you will earn in the future? Examine information on earnings for specific occupations and learn what to look for when researching earnings and careers.

*Complete 4 Self Paced Modules For Credit

Week 5: Using Credit Wisely

When should you use credit and when should you avoid it? In this module, you will explore benefits and tradeoffs of using credit, including building credit over time, purchasing a home, or funding your education. You will also learn how to compare credit offers.

*Complete 4 Self Paced Modules For Credit

Week 2: Using Financial Services

How can banks and credit unions help you achieve your financial goals? Learn about financial institutions and the products and services they offer.

*Complete 4 Self Paced Modules For Credit

Week 4: Getting Paid

What difference does it make if you earn a salary, tips, commission, or another type of pay? Does it make a difference if you are an employee or a contractor? Complete this module and find out.

*Complete 4 Self Paced Modules For Credit

Week 6: Making Major Financial Decisions

You may be hoping to buy a car. Explore whether you should get a new or used vehicle. Learn the difference between leasing and buying a vehicle, and consider the benefits and tradeoffs of various options.

*Complete 4 Self Paced Modules For Credit

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