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An Early Learning Financial Literacy Program is committed to focusing our efforts on combating the financial literacy crisis. ELFLP specifically focus on basic personal finance skills that are relevant to the lives of pre-teens, teens, and young adults. 

ELFLP Public Program

An Early Learning Financial Literacy Program (ELFLP) was built to ensure that minority youth get the knowledge and skills to manage one’s financial resources effectively for lifetime financial security and financial freedom. With a diverse client list that includes City of Newark, Newark Youth One Stop Career Center, North Star Academy Charter School, Great Oaks Legacy Charter School we support children, families, community outreach programs, schools, and government agencies through advocacy and action; offering education, referrals, sharing best practices and access to available financial resources​.


ELFLP Private Program

The innovative standards-aligned curriculums can be incorporated into subjects such as English language arts, Mathematics and Social Studies

Special features of each curriculum are:

  • Multiple lessons that can be taught alone or in combination;

  • Ideas for grade-level modification;

  • Real-life exercises and examples;

  • Suggestions for optional books or online games/tools that can reinforce student understanding; and

  • Parent and Caregiver guides to engage parents.

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