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Congratulations on your summer job experience - here's more! The Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund and Citi Foundation's #SummerJobsConnect is working with Newark's Summer Youth Employment Program to tell the world why experiences like yours are important, and how you're working to manage your money by getting paid through a bank or credit union account or a pay card. Throughout the summer, share your answers to questions we'll ask over Twitter, Instagram, TikTok or email ( — just be sure to use the hashtag #SummerJobsConnect to win prizes like AirPods, iPads, or gift cards! And get creative! We will select winners throughout the summer, so feel free to enter multiple times, and respond to these questions throughout your 

job experience. 


Make sure to follow us at @CFEFund on Twitter and @SummerJobsConnect on Instagram for an even better chance to win! On Tiktok, we will be looking for videos tagged with #SummerJobsConnect.

Submit your responses all summer long, to any of the following:

Twitter: @CFE Fund • Instagram: @SummerJobsConnect . TikTok: #SummerJobsConnect 


Social Media Challenge

Week 1 Social Media

Are you saving for something in particular?

Week 2 Social Media

What do you do for your job? Take a picture or share a video of you working and tell us your story!

Week 3 Social Media

Who taught you the most about saving or using money wisely?

Week 4 Social Media

What's something you've learned about saving money, or using it smartly?

Week 5 Social Media

How has your view of money changed after your summer job?

Week 6 Social Media

How has your summer job changed you and what's it like having a bank account to manage your money?

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