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It’s not enough to bring financial education to every school in America. That financial education must be relevant, intentional, and deliver results. 

The NFEC Offers a Wide Variety of Resources at Key Touchpoints

Comprehensive financial literacy education resources through multiple mediums to enhance learning and support positive behavior molding.

Systems, resources, and expertise that optimize financial education program development and reduce barriers to entry.

The NFEC financial literacy curriculum and presentations are engaging and fun, yet also meet core educational standards.

Empower the people you serve with financial literacy education resources that provide high-quality content and practical lessons that focus learners on applying the lessons to real-life situations.

We all want a financial education program that makes a meaningful difference in the lives of the audience we are teaching. The overall results of any program are directly influenced by its initial design and plan.

Properly-designed programs are built with purpose, so all campaign components work together to promote financial literacy and to further the leader’s business objectives

The NFEC offers you a variety of custom branding options to ensure that your organization’s messaging is communicated in alignment with your objectives. This customization helps promote your organization and features your efforts to bring high-quality educational resources to your community.

The NFEC offers comprehensive custom branding options that perfectly match your brand. The NFEC logo is removed and replaced with your logo, color scheme, custom copy, and other options. 

To achieve these goals the NFEC’s resources are built around research-based instructional methodologies, including:

  • Backwards planning to ensure that lessons and activities build to support learner progress toward pre-defined outcomes;

  • Active learning techniques, including visual, social, self-regulated, and project-based learning;

  • Audience adaptation to enable instructors to scaffold and adjust activities to support learners of all different motivations, knowledge levels, and learning styles;

  • Engagement with the affective dimension of learning and motivation in general, and of changing financial behaviors more specifically;

  • Recommendations for system development and long-term follow-up and support to encourage permanent change.

Topics & Levels

Because every person has different financial habits, emotional connections with money, and current financial realities – we as financial educators must select lesson plans that best meet our students’ needs. Download the guide to learn about the topics covered and life stage lessons.


  • Age Groups: High School & College, Adults. Click Here for Kids PK – 8th Grade.

  • All Levels: Include Activities for Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced

  • 10 Core Personal Finance Topics Covered

  • Over 40 Pre-designed Life Stage Workshops

To achieve that goal, An Early Learning Financial Literacy Committee—made up of experts in finance, education, and research—established The 21st Century New Fin Lit Path Curriculum. The 21st Century New Fin Lit Path curriculum is designed to help teachers, school administrators, and stakeholders develop and implement classroom-based financial education that achieves its desired results.

Fully turnkey, comprehensive and easy to teach programs Our curriculum focuses on 21st century financial literacy skills. We partner with teachers and administrators to bring essential 21st century knowledge into the classroom to improve the lives of all students.

Pre, Post, & Support Education

Providing education at each touchpoint – from initial communication through ongoing education – supports participants toward financial wellness. Post-education is an especially critical piece that can help remind participants to stay on track to reach their goals.

Pre-programming Education: Build Learner Interest and Provide Bite-sized Tips Before Instruction.

Support Education: Educational Handouts & Visual Education Pieces Enhance Learning.

Post-programming Education: Ongoing Training, Timely Life Stage Education, & Financial Calendar.

Why Use NFEC Resources

  • Learners Take Action on their Finances

  • Practical and Usable Information

  • Research-based Education Methods

  • 100% Independent & Educational

  • Modular to Accommodate Your Audience

  • Top Materials Backed by a 1-year Guarantee

Course Units

Browse by unit to find lessons, interactive resources, answer keys, and assessments. No matter the size or scope, the NFEC supports your efforts with scalable financial education programming. From single workshops to large ongoing initiatives – we provide support to any organization that desires high-quality financial education programs. We help individuals and organizations reduce the cost and time needed to develop programming while providing the tools and training that increase program impact.


Debt & Credit Management


Paying for College

Types of Credit



Behavioral Finance





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