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'Breaking the Cycle of Poverty'

An Early Learning Financial Literacy Program

Meet The Founder

Andrew Scott Sr., is the leading financial educator for urban youth ages 7-24. He has made it his mission to 'Break the Cycle of Poverty' through educating urban youth and their families on the importance and benefits of financial literacy.

Through his company, An Early Learning Financial Literacy Program (ELFLP), Andrew has created a financial education movement that has impacted over 3,000 urban youth and transformed the way they think about their money.


What ELFLP Specialize In







Financial Education



Business Development

The Journey Towards Financial Freedom Begins on the Path of Financial Literacy. Begin Your Journey Today.

The financial literacy program that Mr. Scott taught was awesome. It taught me the basics of finances but also important things like emotions and how they can effect your decisions about money.

- Malachi 

I learned a lot from Mr. Scott and how to manage my money. He coached me on how to save my checks from work but also have money to spend for myself. Thank you Mr. Scott.

- Amber

I loved everything about the lessons Mr. Scott taught us. My favorite part was when we discussed how to manage money and start your own business.

- Tyquan

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